For Your Eyes Only Scheme

Our ‘For Your Eyes Only’ scheme was designed to create a welcoming place to relax and entertain within a new build property in the idyllic Country village of Corbridge in South Northumberland.

The name ‘For your Eyes Only’ is a light hearted reference to the countries favourite secret agent James Bond, and draws on certain parallels between the Ian Fleming character and our client, who’s name must remain anonymous.

The design was to remain sympathetic with the house build, and in keeping with the interior of the newly built orangery to help soften the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, whilst offering a space of creativity and flare. Every area of outside space except the drive was landscaped and changed to dramatically improve a standard new development garden of concrete slabs and formal lawn. Taking in to consideration our clients adrenaline fuelled lifestyle and frequent periods of extended absence, and although James enjoys gardening, every area was created to avoid a burdening maintenance schedule.

Great effort and thought was given to ensure the design was mindful of sight lines, and focus features within the scheme, whilst maintaining the practical aspects necessary within this gorgeous space.