Golfers Retreat

National BALI award winning garden 2009
Category: “domestic garden scheme up to £20,000″
Cost: £16,000

The Brief in short for this project was to provide a terraced area for an Artificial putting green and to keep the maintenance of everything surrounding to a very low level. Two decks were to be incorporated into the design on differing levels, and screened storage areas provided for bins etc.

On further discussion, it was apparent that the Ronnie (our client and captain of the local Course), is completely Golf obsessed. This prompted some serious research into design and materials, so we could capture the essence of a golf course, within a small area in Ronnie’s back garden.

The research provided us with the initial idea to use sleepers to provide the terracing, and to use them in soldier format to allow curved lines. We also noticed that a lot of areas within golf courses are roped off, and so decided to use rope for hand rails and boundaries to reflect this.

The aim also of the design was to allow all rain water to drain back into the sub-soil, having recognised that the local soil type was a well draining sandy loam.

Once the design had been accepted, we started work with the excavation. 30 tons of spoil was removed from site, through narrow access, until we obtained levels necessary for the construction phases.

Construction continued without any major set backs and the terracing and base for the putting green surface were in place on schedule to accommodate the Contactors employed to lay the surface.

Having seen the effect of the oak in the walling, Ronnie agreed to let us complete the decking in the same material. We then took twenty sleepers to the local saw mill and cut them down to 5”x 1” boards for the decking application.

Once the putting green was laid and the oak terracing and decks were complete, it was a case of forming the beds, planting up and adding some architectural interest.

Standing stones, boulders and the bench were sourced from local quarries. The planting within the beds surrounding the putting area were to be mostly evergreen. We used grasses, ground cover and trailing plants to drape over the top wall, and planted through a pebble or bark mulch so as to minimise maintenance.

We planted some climbers across the rear fence to add some height, and surrounded the top deck with Red Edge and Heathers again to reflect the Origin of the sport.

The sail like Canopy was then hung, a golf ball washing machine and a few pots positioned to mark the end of a satisfying project.